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We are a staffing company. We find good people for employers and we find good places to work for employees.

fair staffing

We specialize in connecting employers with top-notch employees across the Netherlands and Eastern Europe.

Looking for work
At Fair Staffing, we really care about our team. We’re like a big family that looks out for each other.
For employers

With 25 years of experience in helping companies find great personnel, Fair Staffing is your reliable partner.

We provide housing for our employees or for people who already work in The Netherlands and need housing.


About Us

We started Fair Staffing because we want to do good! We want our business to be fair, transparent, where every party feels good about the deal. We really want to good care of our employees and our clients. We provide our employees with great housing, and we want to take care of everyone like a family. We do good, we hope to attract good people and in the end be fair for everyone.


Fair staffing

We can provide the following staff

  • RLogistics Employees and managers
  • RWarehouse Employees and Supervisors
  • RTruck drivers, forklift drivers and reach truck drivers
  • RTransportation Planners
  • RSupply Chain Analysts
  • RFleet Managers

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